Lovely, Sexy Sugar Mummy From Washington Who Wants to Have You

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Meet the Lovely, Sexy Sugar Mummy From Washington Who Wants to Have You


A 47-year-old lady from Washington is available for a long-term relationship and is looking to have a young man fulfill her dreams with her for the rest of her life.

She’s a lovely, sexy sugar mummy who has always dreamed of growing old alongside the love of her life. She was born, studied and lived all her life in Washington, studied Finance in college but currently a social media marketer who has been successful in her career.

She will like to have a real man, who will stand by her all through, fight for her if the need arises and always care for her.


What the Lovely, Sexy Sugar Mummy Said About Herself

I was raised to be a leader. I want to be the one, whose duty is to lead peeps and to show them the way. I think, it is lovely and I like my mission. Although, sometimes being a “strong woman” makes me feel exhausted.

Like every other woman I am also tender, and I have needs. I have dreams to love and to be loved by someone. I studied finances at the college, I am an intelligent lady, who knows how to manage funds well. I dream of having a small house on the seaside, where I will live forever with the family of my own. My friends say that I will be the best wife ever and I should agree with them! In my free time, I like to do something interesting.

I prefer to spend my time in a jolly circle. I always meet with my friends. We still have a lot to talk about, and I always want to sit with a cup of warm black tea when it is raining heavily and to think about the meaning of life. I am a great lover of flowers, so when someone brings me some, I feel on the 7th heaven. Taking care of my body and physical form also makes a lot of time.


What the Lovely, Sexy Sugar Mummy Wants in a Man

To find a man does not mean to become happy! To see a right man – means to win the eternal battle between the destiny and a human. I was always thinking to meet someone, who would always put a smile on my face.

Well, I am a confident woman, but smiles never seem to be too much. I am looking for that man, with whom I could always feel calm and safe. I need the one, who does not like to argue but prefers to solve conflicts through communication. I would like to meet.


Kindly drop your contacts, like email, phone number and also little details about yourself, if you’re interested in this lovely, sexy sugar mummy you just read about in the comment section and she will contact you.

Note: No Agent Involved!

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