Meet the Sexy Canadian Sugar Mummy in Search of a Young Man

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Meet the Sexy Canadian Sugar Mummy in Search of a Young Man


A gorgeous and charming lady in her mid-40s is currently available for a relationship, and in search of a young guy (Mr Right), someone she can live with for the rest of her life. She wants to be happy with her man and be able to have fun with him all the time.


Luz, a sexy Canadian sugar mummy who is a Cosmetologist and lives in Montreal, has had a successful career in her field, feels like now is the right time to get back into the love game and find her heart desire because she took a break from dating due to failed relationships in the past. And she wants to have a family of her own.



What the Sexy Canadian Sugar Mummy Said About Herself


I am a woman who is confident and don’t care and not influenced by what others think. Be it a social, norm, or idea or whatever. I am a woman who happily takes long walks alone, who likes going to restaurants by herself with a good book.


I put my phone aside when home alone just so that I can sit back on my sofa and chill in peace while listening to music. I can also say that I always elegantly dressed, funny (and I mean a deadly wit), articulate, friendly, and kind. I am so loving and caring, also like going out with friends to concerts, cinemas or beach.




What the Sexy Canadian Sugar Mummy Wants in a Man



Hello, I want someone brave next to me, someone who can protect me from everything and I will be your dear queen, I need someone to ask me how I am in each moment and we can both share the things of God for our lives through chat.


I need a man who will hold my hand, look into my eyes and tell me “I Love You” and “It’s going to be fine” when all is not good. Someone to stand by me, support and encourage me at all times.


And see if we can build a connection for our future, I hope you think the same way. That you are the type of man I am looking for and that I am the type of woman you are looking for. I hope when we talk we have a good connection.

A thousand kisses!



Kindly drop your contacts and a little information about yourself if you’re interested in meeting and hooking up with this sexy Canadian sugar mummy, and she can contact you, and you might have the chance to meet her in person.


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