Meet USA Sugar Mummy Who is Ready for Fun and a Long-Term Relationship

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Meet USA Sugar Mummy Who is ready for fun long-term Relationship


A 53-year-old Economist based in Keller, Virginia, United States is seeking for a young man who is ready to meet USA sugar mummy with a long-term relationship aspiration.


This good-looking and gorgeous United State sugar mummy is financially comfortable with a Net worth of over $650,000. Money is not a problem.

Meet USA Sugar Mummy…

She is seeking for intelligent, romantic and active man; she wants a gentleman with good with courtesy and respect, besides he must possess a good sense of humor. Someone who will care for her and respect her, she is serious and ready for a long-term relationship with true love! She wants to go into the love adventure and experience these feelings again. And this is her main dream, and she believes in this wholeheartedly.



What she said about herself;


As we all know, life is beautiful, and I want to live each day happy and to the fullest! I’m a cool headed lady born and raised in the south, lived in the DC area for many years but currently, I have lived in Virginia for two years and a half. I can make fun out of whatever we are doing, and I am one person who can glam it up and enjoy the luxury things in life but just as happy with being low key and hanging at the local dive. I love the sun shining on me, so I like to go to beaches, a nice glass of Champaign, all genre of music, hiking, family time, food, paddle boarding, cycling, being real, helping people, being honest, drinking fresh veggie juices, coffee…yes, Movie addict… Don’t judge, making others laugh and feel unique, considerate, thoughtful people…  A LOT!!



What is she looking for in a man?


Need a driven soul – someone who always wants to seize every moment and a make a positive thing out of the life they are given. A gentleman who is free to have fun and meet USA sugar mummy, should possess manners, some courtesy and know some etiquette. One who treats others the same way he treats himself with kindness and respect follows the ultimate rule of “Do unto others as you’d want to be done to you.” Someone that takes on life passionately and fearlessly knowing that he is entirely in charge of his destiny, someone who must be active to meet up with my dynamic way of life and my appetite. You have to enjoy spending time with me, and we must have chemistry. I want to expect that when we are by each other’s side, we are a couple and having the time of our life, no need for discretion. I’m happy clearing up the bills for all our fun and rendering a helping hand when needed but don’t want to take the responsibilities of being someone’s mother. I already have kids and don’t need another!


This blog is a place where you can meet USA sugar mummy. Should you be interested in her, drop a comment below including your contact details and she will contact you if she finds you attractive.

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